Marketing Analytics

Get the most out of your marketing spend by measuring performance using metrics such as ROI and marketing effectiveness

Marketing Spend Optimization

Optimize marketing budget by measuring the sales impact of each marketing activity
  • Contribution
  • Effectiveness
  • ROI
  • Media Saturation
  • Trade Lifts
  • Simulations & Optimization

Digital Media Effectiveness

Measure and optimize your digital marketing efforts to drive superior business results
  • Digital Media Effectiveness
  • Synergy Effects
  • Cross Effects
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Web Analytics

Brand Equity Drivers

Quantify the impact of marketing activities and other factors on brand equity
  • Purchase Funnel metrics –Awareness, Opinion, Consideration, Preference
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Brand Reputation
  • Trust

Cross-Media Attribution

A comprehensive view of the path to purchase of a consumer
  • Captures both direct and indirect marketing driver contributions
  • Identifies pathways linking drivers to each other and to sales