Marketing / Media Mix

Optimize marketing budget by measuring the sales impact of each marketing activity


  • Contribution
  • Effectiveness
  • ROI
  • Media Saturation
  • Trade Lifts
  • Simulations & Spend Optimization

Digital Media Effectiveness

Measure and optimize your digital marketing efforts to drive superior business results

  • Digital Media Effectiveness
  • Synergy Effects
  • Cross Effects
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Web Analytics

Brand Equity Drivers

Quantify the impact of marketing activities and other factors on brand equity

  • Purchase Funnel metrics –Awareness, Opinion, Consideration, Preference
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Brand Reputation
  • Trust

Cross-Media Attribution

A comprehensive view of the path to purchase of a consumer

  • Captures both direct and indirect marketing driver contributions
  • Identifies pathways linking drivers to each other and to sales