Today’s consumers navigate multiple media platforms across multiple devices like mobiles, tablets and laptops. In this scenario, cross-media and cross-device measurement are two major challenges for advertisers when it comes to evaluating media performance. ‘Signals’ have been the source of truth for advertisers to track consumer touchpoints and understand the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. However, recent regulatory and ecosystem changes driven by stricter privacy protection, have led to increasing signal loss. This has prompted advertisers to find new measurement solutions that can quantify the impact of their marketing activities and help prioritize investment.

ASUS, a global computer and electronics company, partnered with Facebook in 2019 to run traditional MMM to evaluate their marketing performance in France and Germany. With the success of this exercise, ASUS wanted to expand measurement to other markets. However, since traditional MMM is time-consuming and resource-intensive, Facebook leveraged Analytic Edge’s MMM SaaS platform Demand Drivers™ to deliver a self-serve solution that could be quickly and economically scaled across markets to measure incrementality and performance across different publishers.

Read the full MMM SaaS Demand Drivers™ whitepaper on Facebook’s website.

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