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SaaS based all-in-one toolkit for marketing analytics

Demand Drivers Testing1
Demand Drivers Testing1

Get all the analytics tools you need to improve marketing effectiveness and maximize ROI.

What is Analytic Edge Qube?

Analytic Edge Qube is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, offering an all-in-one toolkit for marketing analytics. Access a comprehensive suite of solutions for all your marketing analytics needs.

  • DemandDrivers™ - Always-on Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM)
  • SynTest™ - AI powered Test and Learn with Synthetic Controls methodology
  • PriceSense™ - Pricing and promotion analytics
  • PowerView™ - Analytics dashboarding and visualization

How Can it Help?

The Analytic Edge Qube platform offers automated, intuitive, no-code interfaces that let you bring your marketing analytics in-house without the need for data scientists or statistics experts. Qube’s subscription-based, a-la-carte model delivers cost efficiency and easy scalability, while enabling real-time marketing insights for timely and data-driven marketing decision making. It also addresses increasing privacy concerns and regulations by reducing the need to share your business data with third parties.

How Does it Work?

You can access the Qube platform through a cloud-based interface and log in to any of your subscribed solutions. Use the intuitive, no-code interfaces to build analytical models, set up and run Test and Learn experiments, test the impact of your pricing and promotion strategies, or view insights on automated visual dashboards.

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