Business Challenge

This multinational CPG company did not have an in-house process for developing Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) models to determine quantitative returns on marketing investments. The main challenges were that the MMM modelling process was expensive and time intensive and the company did not have any tools for on-demand analysis.

Solution Delivered

We deployed our automated ‘do-it-yourself’ platform that enables continuous marketing effectiveness measurement and marketing spend optimization.

  • A 15-hour training program was conducted to familiarize the client team with the platform features and MMM process.
  • End-to-end hands-on training was provided for one brand using real time data.
  • Platform migration was done at the end of training. Analytic Edge provided ongoing technical and user support on the platform features and MMM process.


  • Reduced Time-to-Insight: Reduced the ‘time-to-insight’ from data to insights to 4 weeks.
  • Independent MMM Analysis In-House:Client team was able to independently run MMM analysis on the platform post training with minimal support.
  • Improved Decision Making:In-house MMM ability with frequent updates significantly improved marketing decision making efficiency.