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with better speed, cost,
and scalability for
in-market tests


Design and deliver in-market tests using the latest techniques with the support of guided no-code workflows and automated QA and reporting.

What is SynTest™?

SynTest™ is a cloud-based, automated Test and Learn platform for in-market testing. Design and execute in-market tests with SynTest™ using the Nobel recognized Synthetic Control methodology, a technique built to help researchers cope with noisy, imperfect test environments, where ideal controls are hard to find. The technique delivers fast, accurate results, more cost effectively than traditional approaches. SynTest™ helps you build experiments with a guided, no-code workflow that takes you from data to decisions quickly, making it easy to run multiple tests with data you probably already have.

How Can it Help?

SynTest™ can be used to design and execute experiments for several different kinds of marketing, advertising, and business questions:

Matched Market I Geo-Testing for advertising effectiveness, online or offline

Lead market or geo testing, for new products and campaigns

Matched Store Testing for in-store pricing, promotion, assortment and merchandising

Matched Audience Testing to compare online campaigns, creative or executions

How Does it Work?

SynTest™ has 5 modules, built around our proven test & learn project process. Users can create new projects, load and manage data, design projects, view results and compare those results to their own benchmarks. The process guides users through test creation, delivering an optimized test control comparison based on your business data, your test design parameters, and the use of synthetic controls delivered with built in QA and sensitivity metrics.

3. Create a Test
5. Compare
Across Projects
4. Analyze & Report
2. Load &
Manage Data
1. Create &
Manage Projects

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