Business Challenge

A multinational FMCG company needed to measure the impact of its consumer review (CR) program. It needed a flexible, reliable way to compare supported SKUs with ones that hadn’t received additional CR support, across brands and retailers.

Key questions included:

  • Did the program lift sales? By how much?
  • Was there a minimum threshold for effective CR support?
  • Which brands & outlets respond best?


SynTest™ was used to run experiments across 3 brands, and 2 retailers to measure the impact of the program. Findings were generally positive:

  • The program drove incremental sales in 8 out of the 10 experiments we ran
  • The positive results spanned all 3 brands and both retailers
  • Higher review counts drove more sales – to a point
  • Snack brands were the most responsive. Higher purchase frequency helps, but all brands saw positive ROAS and sales lift.


The results validated the program, justifying its continued use and expansion to other brands.

They also provided a template for measuring other online merchandising programs, in a flexible, scalable way that provides consistency across the organization.

Our client plans to continue the testing going forward, to validate the program and ensure positive ROIs in the future.