Advertising budgets are under increasing scrutiny and rapidly-changing retail conditions are demanding improved solutions for justifying and optimising marketing investments.

A focus on evidence-based planning and privacy-safe measurement solutions is driving a return to marketing mix modelling (MMM). The availability of more accurate, timely and relevant ‘always-on’ data is now being utilised to advance analysis, making MMM state-of-the-art for today’s complex media and retail environment.

This report will demonstrate the role of MMM in a world where retail media impact and digital dominance continue to expand, and highlight the advances being made in support of greater industry adoption of these advanced analytic solutions

This whitepaper is intended for use by

Brand advertisers of all shapes and sizes looking for best practice in delivering maximum return on investment for their marketing budgets.

Agencies and consultants collaborating with clients on building best in class plans, optimising budgets to help deliver best ROI across all forms of activities and channels.

Financial analysts, budget managers, research experts and all connected specialist areas with involvement in optimising the marketing to sales ratio.