Business Challenge

This multinational beverage company wanted a continuous and ‘always-on’ MMM framework to aid frequent business planning decisions. This required a continuous flow of data from diverse data sources with varying data models and architecture followed by processing of the data to be consumed by the business planning module


We deployed a sophisticated and automated ETL process that included the following.

  • Implemented a system to detect availability of new data from different sources.
  • Automated data extraction from linked databases.
  • Developed a system to ingest raw data and convert it to a consumable format.
  • Ran data quality checks once data was transformed.
  • Provided BI-powered reports for deeper data analysis and further consummation for the business planning module.


  • Reduced Data availability Time: Data availability time was reduced to less than 1 week through automated ETL process and reduced human intervention.
  • Stronger Data Quality Checks:In-built data quality checks mitigated bad data and helped identify outliers.
  • Smarter Decision-Making:Better decision-making with BI powered reports and cause-effect analysis in-sync with the business planning module outputs.