Analytics is permeating our lives in larger ways than we can think. With most companies turning to data companies, the demand for tools and resources that can make sense of the piling data has increased many folds. Hence enter our innovative startups, that are gracing various sections of industry, be it agritech, supply chain, manufacturing and others, offering analytics and enterprise AI based solutions, to meet their needs.

Listing 10 such emerging analytics startups in India, we bring a comprehensive list of startups that are offering exceptional solutions to the data driven organisations. It presents a detailed picture of the startups in terms of its founding team, solutions they offer, growth story, employee strength, funding and others. Here’s the list in alphabetical order.

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Analytic edge, Founded 2012

The team: Founded by Santosh Nair, Vijay Ramaswamy and Rahul Budhraja. With 75+ years combined experience in marketing analytics and consulting, they have worked with companies across the globe in multiple verticals.

Funding: They have not yet sought funding but plan to do so for growth capital.

The company and its analytics solutions: It provides technology-enabled analytics solutions in marketing & sales effectiveness, integrating technology, industry knowledge and machine learning analytics to deliver actionable, scalable, cost-efficient and real-time marketing insights.

Their key analytics solutions are marketing mix modelling, digital attribution, pricing & promotion strategy, sales forecasting and customer loyalty analytics.

Employee strength: 40

The differentiation factor: Their key differentiator lies in the fact that they offer “technology-enabled” analytics solutions that are not “black boxes”. They have developed an end-to-end, cloud-based platform that clients can leverage for all the phases of a marketing mix modelling project. The platform coupled with automated data ingestion enables the clients to continuously measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities and provides insights that are real-time and actionable. It also allows them to scale the analytics, cost-efficiently.

The growth story: They have grown rapidly over the last couple years on the strength of their marketing analytics products. Today, they support several Fortune 500 clients globally with marketing analytics.

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