London,UK – Analytic Edge, a leading provider of marketing and sales analytics solutions, was among the companies that participated in the Virtual MarTech Summit Europe 2022 that was held in March 2022. Stephen Lane, General Manager, UK at Analytic Edge was among the key speakers at a panel discussion titled Inclusivity of Marketing Mix Modeling – Do it Yourself! along with Gabriel Matwiejczyk, Marketing Science Partner at Meta (Facebook) and Justyna Boltryk-Pieckowska, Data-Driven Marketing Audience Activation Lead at Unilever. The panel engaged in a deep-dive discussion on Meta, Unilever and Analytic Edge’s recent collaborative white paper Marketing Mix Models On-Demand. 


Some of the key points highlighted at the panel discussion included: 

  • Latest MMM Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions now address most of the challenges associated with traditional MMM. 
  • MMM SaaS helps advertisers adopt an incrementality based planning process through the integration of self-serve MMM platforms or tools. 
  • MMM tools are designed for automatic integration into the advertiser and publisher data ecosystem and enable faster turnaround of MMM processes.  
  • User interface-based platforms make modeling much more inclusive, allowing a wider set of teams such as marketers with analytical skills to participate in modeling, improving the process as well as the results. 

A copy of Meta, Unilever and Analytic Edge’s joint white paper can be downloaded here

A recording of the panel discussion can be viewed below:

The Virtual MarTech Summit Europe 2022 brought together leading advertisers as well as marketing measurement experts to discuss the evolution of marketing measurement and the latest developments in the space.  


About Analytic Edge 

Analytic Edge is an India and Singapore based analytics company that leverages technology and advanced analytics to help brands make data-based marketing decisions. Their flagship product Demand DriversTM is a Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) solution that analyses the historical relationship between brands’ marketing spend and sales performance and helps determine where and how to spend in the future. Analytic Edge works with clients across industry verticals such as consumer packaged goods, retail, financial services, travel and hospitality, healthcare and pharma, automotive and many others. The company has offices in India, Singapore, US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Switzerland, UAE, South Korea, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. For more information, visit