Business Challenge

This foods and nutrition company wanted to determine the optimal allocation of their marketing budget across several brands in order to improve marketing Return on Investment (ROI). They also wanted to understand how marketing programs of one brand impacted the other brands.


  • Analytic Edge analyzed and measured the marketing performance of Own Media impact as well Halo impact of one brand on another using the Demand Drivers platform.
  • We developed a simulation platform to help understand how to allocate the budget amongst media drivers efficiently across different brands.
  • An efficient model update process was implemented in Demand Drivers to allow new data to be easily uploaded and initiate new analyses.


  • Scaled from 2 to 13 Brands: Project was scaled to additional brands based on impact delivered to the client.
  • 12% Increase in Media-Driven Sales: This was achieved by enabling the most efficient possible allocation of marketing budgets across the portfolio.
  • Potential 9% Increase in TV Volume: This was enabled through better airing patterns as indicated by Flighting Optimization analysis.