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Demand Drivers, an MMM software, is designed to help determine your return on marketing investment in real-time. Whether you want to do it in-house or want to outsource to us, our team has your back with extensive training and support. No more dated data insights, as this software’s highly configurable and complex modules let you conduct multiple data modelling, data integration, ingestion and analysis in real-time.

Use this SaaS-based marketing analytics software to get the data insights that help you understand the market and the consumers before your competitor does.

A Peek Into Demand Drivers™ :Get Instant Data Insights In-house

Demand Drivers™ is our proprietary, SaaS-based marketing mix platform. It is driven by a tech stack that includes .NET MVC framework, SQL server database, “R”, and Kendo UI. After identifying KPIs for marketing ROI models, Demand Drivers parses the historical data related to the identified KPI and pinpoints trends and marketing drivers everyone must heed to optimize their marketing ROI.

The effective optimization of marketing ROI hinges on the ability to determine the results of marketing campaigns in specific numbers. Every business must know which metrics to measure, when to measure and the method to measure. Our cloud-based marketing analytics solution, Demand Drivers, helps to attain this objective in real-time accurately.

This cloud-based analytics platform is engineered to be infrastructure-agnostic. It can be efficiently internalized into any operational ecosystem and run quickly. This makes it feasible for businesses to handle this software for marketing measurement anytime and in-house with zero dependence on an external service provider.

Demand Drivers™- Operational Structure

This MMM software is driven by advanced AI algorithms that fast-forward every business’s decision-making process by ingesting data from relevant sources, automated data processing via analytic marketing ROI models and gaining actionable insights through forecasting results.It is built with six distinct modules that execute all the steps involved in marketing ROI analysis.

Data Input – Data ingested from all the relevant warehouses and libraries as and when needed. The ingested data is altered through UI supplements automated ETL for new/ad hoc data.

Data Review – Embedded visual review tools are functional to prepare complete and accurate data to feed the marketing mix models.

Modelling – Zero dependence on external coding experts as enterprises can create, process and run all marketing mix models without writing any codes.

Planning – Automatic workflows to tally the predicted campaign value with the actual value utilizing forecasting and variance analysis.

Simulation – Enable running data simulations such as what-if scenarios to determine the impact of a specific data variable on the performance of a hypothetical campaign against a real-world campaign.

Reporting – Create and send standardized reports that include due-to, contributions, lifts and response curves and marketing ROIs.

H3- Demand Drivers™ Features  that Enable In-house and Always-on Marketing ROI Analysis


Integrated & Automated Solution – Avail the unlimited automated data modelling advantage. Integrated modules make all the reports just a click away for your marketing teams.

Always-On – Data loading and deep-dive analysis anytime and anywhere. Take your decision-making capacity to the next level by getting actionable and highly relevant data insights in a few days instead of months.

Combination of AI and ML Algorithms – A variety of Deep Neural Networks, statistical machine learning techniques and robust artificial intelligence search algorithms enable running the entire marketing ROI analytics process in-house.

Campaign Monitoring and Optimization On-the-fly – A composition of superior AI frameworks such as Deep Learning and Deep Neural Networks parse a massive amount of data to uncover the underlying patterns and pinpoint factors impacting KPIs in real-time. Such a real-time tracking feature allows campaign optimization in real-time.

Code Accessibility – Easily accessible back-end code enables in-house data science experts to configure the MMM software modules multiple times with zero dependencies on external coding experts.

Marketing Planning Tools & Capabilities – Always-on marketing performance measurement, variances between forecasts and actual performance to take on-spot and accurate decisions for future and fool-proof marketing planning.

  • Variance Analysis generates Due-To reports to diagnose reasons for variances in sales vis-à-vis forecasts. This helps accurately determine how much various marketing spends contributed or did not contribute to forecasted sales.
  • Simulation Analysis runs simulations on the marketing budget, varying potential spending to evaluate the impact on sales and revenues.
  • Optimization Analysis recommends the optimal marketing allocations to maximize sales and revenues within existing budget constraints.
  • Real-Time Performance Tracking & Gap Analysis helps track actual performance versus forecast in real-time and take ongoing corrective actions to bridge gaps and achieve sales and revenue targets.


Cloud-Ready – Run on any organization’s cloud, working with existing data sources and reporting tools. We can also securely host this marketing analytics software to get businesses started quickly.

Reporting – Get a detailed picture of all customers’ purchase journeys with touch-point-level attribution reports. Customize the reports for a straightforward depiction across your organization.

Demand Drivers™ Benefits  for Marketing Return on Investment Optimization

Data Analysis in Real-time – Drops MMM update cycle from a month to under one week.

Do-it-Yourself Option – Run the entire MMM process in-house, with adequate training and back-end support to get started.

Insights Accuracy – Accurate data insights allow spotting factors that impact a marketing campaign’s critical KPIs. Leverage these factors to build campaigns with a measurable outcome.

Cost-Effective – No expenditure on external vendors or additional infrastructure to run Demand Drivers in-house.

Prediction with Pinpoint Precision – Embedded analytics pinpoints the critical drivers of campaigns that garner maximum engagement.

Foster Operational Transparency – Creates shareable data models that promote data democratization organization-wide.

Scalable – Highly scalable MMM software improves campaign performance optimization as the entire market mix modelling process is tuned to specific industry needs.

Tool Support – Seamless in-house tool handling with our ongoing technical and user support, detailed documentation, user manuals and FAQs on platform features.

Industries That are Benefited by Demand Drivers™

  • Automobile
  • Consumer Goods
  • E-commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Telecom

Demand Drivers™ for Marketing Measurement Cases

Demand Drivers simulated scenarios to determine optimal budget allocation and a model update process to ingest data in real time.

Demand Drivers was configured to enable the automatic ingestion of data from multiple resources and create business planning simulations to get insights into the current business environment in real time.

This marketing analytics software was programmed to build and run data models. These data models can analyze macroeconomic data to identify audience clusters our clients must target to sell their specific products.

Happy Clientele Speaks

Hear what our clients have to say about us:

Solutions like Demand Drivers by Analytic Edge now exist to automate MMM builds. Leverage the power of cloud-based marketing platform to help accelerate the frequency of delivery of insights. MMM can be built more quickly with the right tools and data strategy.
Marketing Science Director
Global Social Media Company

We had completed a few marketing mix modelling studies, but to have a real-time impact, we needed to make it more accessible. Building MMM SaaS helps us to assess performance and optimize media in real-time. Partnering with Analytic Edge and Facebook allows us to make better decisions agilely.
Jeff Lee, Head of Digital

Thank you, and congrats on supporting our MMM initiatives. The results were delivered ahead of schedule. Well done! I was pleased with the level of detail, including simulations at the final team share, to bring the team from “past” reporting to future outlook. The level of engagement and QI working with our media agencies and media team led to engaging discussions with the brand teams! This was also a “first” in getting MMM on smaller, previously cost-prohibited brands.
Senior Manager
Global Confectionery Company

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